Denis Ikeler Piano Service LLC
5048 Treehill Rd.
Grand Blanc, MI
Phone: 810 730-2601


Denis Ikeler can help you with any of the following services:

Piano Tuning
I offer expert level tunings for the concert stage, colleges, schools, churches and private clients. I am an aurally trained technician. I also incorporate the use of tuning software to speed things up. The combination of trained aural skills and the latest technology is unbeatable. Because of this huge advantage, I never charge my customers extra for extreme pitch adjustments.

Aural versus Electronic, doesn't matter. What does matter is that a tuner be aurally trained. There are two reasons: 1. You have to know when electronics are wrong. And they are, alot! 2. Aural skills are required in order to learn the physical skills necessary for good stability. The kind of stability where the piano is perfectly in tune when the concerto is over!

Piano Repair
I offer any in home repairs needed for your piano. This would include, but not limited to: new hammers, any new action parts, key bushings, damper replacement, broken strings, pedals, etc. Any needed repairs to restore proper function.

Piano Regulation and Voicing
A piano's action must be in perfect regulation to have the best tone. There are over thirty five variables involved in making a piano key play properly. When action parts wear, they start to come out of adjustment. When they come out of proper adjustment, the piano's tone will suffer and the piano's touch will not feel correct. Any excess friction in an action can also cause loss of touch and tone.

The piano's hammers need to have the correct shape to sound good. Grooved hammers can be filed to restore proper shape. Hammers are also voiced with needles to fix unevenness in tone, or to restore the correct resiliency. Hammers (like tennis balls) bounce off the strings. A hammer with good resiliency, perfect fit to the string group, will give a nice clear attack, lots of power, and a good singing quality. A perfectly voiced hammer will open up brighter in tone when it's played loudly.

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